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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Batting Clean-up

Just a few things that occur to me now that the election hopes have become fact:

The Supremes' Greatest Hits: Three big, BIG reasons to rejoice even further? John Paul Stevens, 88; Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 75; David Souter, 68. And all three of them are almost certain to vacate their seats on the Supreme Court in the next four years.

Wow. Can we say...well, I don't even KNOW what we can say except Yippeeeee!!! This means that President Obama will be appointing three new justices at the very least, and perhaps more...

Dr. Who?: Oh, and Caribou Barbie/Mooselina/Bible Spice never DID release her medical records, did she, even though she promised and promised. What's she afraid of? That we'll find out Trig isn't really her personal spawn after all? Hmm. Well, we can count to nine months for Bristol just let's just see how long this miracle pregnancy takes.
And no bets on whether the pregnant teen and the redneck boyfriend will tie the knot after all, since it's no longer a groovy photo op for the Repugs.

The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe: The campaign is also claiming that a third of the much-talked-of fashion heist ("Wasilla Hillbillies Pillage Neiman-Marcus and Saks! Film at 11!") has already been returned to the stores, while some has been "lost." Uh-HUH.

Thanks to MDF Lisa for this info: Palin was only supposed to buy 3 suits and hire a stylist. Instead...well, you know how it is when someone is admitted to the shoe-wearing classes; they tend to get a little overexcited.
She actually bought many tens of thousands of dollars OVER the $150,000 claimed; the trusting donor was appalled when he got the bill; up to $40,000 went to outfit the First Dude; and I'd like to know how they plan on donating used baby clothes all sticky with poo and spit-up.

What, just because she's an ex-candidate doesn't mean I can't still have some fun taking shots, right? Right!


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