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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig, Prada on a Moose

Oh, it's just too easy, she's not even making it a challenge for me anymore...

Sarah "Mrs. Hockey Mom" Palin has been treated to a $150,000 shopping spree by the Republican National Committee: clothes for her AND HER FAMILY, plus makeup and hairstyling.

Well, I guess when all you've got in your wardrobe is lumberjack shirts, and you're not really members of the shoe-wearing classes to start with, you're glad and grateful if someone offers you a sartorial handout. However illegal it might actually be.

What I wonder is, is this what Joe and Jane Sixpack want to see their hard-earned campaign contributions spent on? Isn't it all more like something out of the court of Caligula? Oh yeah, I hear Nero tuning his fiddle in the wings even now...

The average Sixpack family probably doesn't make $150,000 in five years of hard work. And here they have to look at their heroine strutting around changing designer duds three or four times a day.

Maybe she thinks she just has to grab it while she can: take a few little souvenirs back to "Real Small-town America" with her when her sorry ass and Neanderthal family go trucking back to the tundra. She'll need something nice to wear at those book-burning discussions and those investigatory hearings.

Funny how she did all her clothes shopping in Unreal Big-City America; I guess those little small-town boutiques just don't cut it with the high-fashion look.

I do hope that as big a deal is made of this as was made of John Edwards' 400-buck campaign-funded haircut (which he reimbursed the campaign for). Let's not hold our breath waiting to see if Dress-up Caribou Barbie pays back the $150,000, as well.


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