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Thursday, October 23, 2008

New York City: The New Ozarks

I see where the New York City Council has cravenly and spinelessly rolled over and given our tiny dictator, Mikey Bloomberg, the extension on term limits he wanted. Oh, it applies to Council members too, so can we say "self-serving", boys and girls? Yes, I think we can.

There's a bit of a history: after 9/11, Il Duce Giuliani thought he was indispensable and couldn't be replaced while we were in such difficult straits, so he floated the suggestion that he should be allowed to stay in office and/or be put up for a third term. We said NO.

When doing away with term limits was put to a referendum here, we voted NO. Twice.

So Bloomie decides to do an end run and get the City Council to declare the referendum...the WILL OF VOTERS...void, and all this because he thinks he's the only Chosen One to guide NYC through the vast economic morass he and his fat-cat rich-boy pals have put us in.

And the City Council president, one Christine Quinn, both shallow and broad (like the support she claims for the term extension), just slutted right up and went along with it. Because it benefits her too. Just wish she were from my district so I could vote and agitate against her.

They're just a bunch of power-hungry, arrogant, dictatorial Soviet-style apparatchiks who think they can run the gulag to suit their own interests. It's a real Nazi-style arrogation of the people's power...hey, Bloomberg, what's next? Gonna send the tanks into Greenpoint?

I'm utterly disgusted by this, and I just hope enough of my fellow New Yorkers are too. So next election, let's make sure the deck drips with the guts of the unconscionable. Vote the bastards out!


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