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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Britannia SO Rules!

The Brits are really good with sweets. I adore Cadbury's Flake, of course, and my current treat is Fry's Chocolate Cream bar. (Only half at a time, because of the new carb restrictions.)

I can't reconstruct what led me to do it, but I just hopefully Googled the name of the best cookie ever to grace this planet...CHOCOLATE OLIVER BISCUIT. I hadn't seen any around for years and years, and previous Googles were, uh, fruitless.

But today, o frabjous day, I learn that they are BACK. And I am glad.

If you've never had one of these British wonders, your life is sadly lacking. The foundation is a Bath Oliver biscuit, named for its creator, Dr. William Oliver of 18th-century Bath, England. It's sort of like a Pilot cracker, only much nicer, and was intended to aid digestion back in those days when biscuits were thought to help such matters. Bath Olivers---dry, thickish, not sweet---are still made today, and are very good with cheese.

BUT. I say, again, BUT. The CHOCOLATE Oliver is like unto the gorgeous butterfly compared with the lowly caterpillar. It is a regular old Bath Oliver biscuit enrobed (technical term) in what seems like, and possibly is, 3/4 of an inch of the most glorious dark chocolate EVAH. As I said, best bikkie in creation.

And now, thank you, Huntley & Palmers, biscuitmakers extraordinaire, it is BACK. I'm going to revive my dormant Harrods charge account to order me some. Or, failing that, I shall hie myself over to Myers of Keswick (pronounced Kezzick) in the West Village, in hopes of finding some there. This absolutely charming shop sells all sorts of Britfood: fresh bangers and pork pies, biscuits, candy, Marmite, Bovril, you name it.

It is said, perhaps apocryphally, that John Lennon once demanded to be paid for some musical service not in pence but in Chocolate Olivers. I can so relate...


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