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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ticker(tape) Shock

I've been watching the NY Giants' tickertape parade up Broadway while waiting to go out and vote this afternoon, and I've been struck by a few things.

Mostly, how classy and nice the Giants organization seems by comparison to other NY sports organizations the Skankees oops did I say that out loud well it's no secret.

For one thing, the footballers didn't take their victory for granted the way the Wankees do: the fetid orcs from the Bronx and their Dark Lord Sauronbrenner are sore winners, and you can't even IMAGINE what they're like when they lose. And Boston too was arrogant and self-entitled, and hence deserved to get flattened.

Today, in the parade, Giants were jumping off their floats as they sailed up Broadway and mingling with the delirious fans alongside, slapping high fives, then jogging blocks to jump back aboard the float, everybody just tickled pink. Or blue.

Fans would fling them T-shirts and caps, like Mardi Gras in reverse, and the players would sign happily and toss them back. Sometimes the cops walking alongside the floats would actually hand-deliver the shirts and caps, and once signed, bring them back to the owners. (I do believe one Giant was even tossing Mardi Gras beads to the crowd, and plenty of footballs went flying too. Awesome.)

It was a pleasure to watch, and all the commentators said they'd never seen anything like it. Of course, had my Mets won the 2000 Subway Series, or indeed any other since, I like to think they would have been as into it and having as much fun with it as the Giants.

Oh, and all the family stories: the team owners, the Manning boys. Really charming.

And a pleasant change from the baseball ick now going on in Washington.

I'm not a bandwagoner, and I really do loathe football, except for those two or three amazing moments per game when stuff actually happens, so I won't be a fan of the game anytime soon. But the boys in blue have made New Yorkers very happy, and I'm nothing if not a New Yorker.

Order has been restored to the universe: New York rules. Suck on THAT, Boston!


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