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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Huck and Jive

This REALLY interests almost makes Huckabee sound almost good. Which...NOT.

From today's NYTimes:

In the Republican field, no candidate has less association with Iraq than Mr. Huckabee, a politically lucky and unintended consequence of his spectacular ignorance about foreign policy in general. When he finally did speak up in a newly published essay in Foreign Affairs, he condemned the Bush administration for its “arrogant bunker mentality” in its execution of the war. Mr. Romney, sensing an opening among the party faithful, loudly demanded that Mr. Huckabee “apologize to the president” for this insult. But Mr. Huckabee had the political savvy not to retreat, and in Iowa’s final hours even Mr. Romney desperately reversed himself to slam Mr. Bush’s mismanagement of Iraq.

Among the Republican candidates, Mr. Huckabee is also as culturally un-Bush as you can get. He constantly reminds voters that he did not go to an Ivy League school and that his plain values derived from a bona fide blue-collar upbringing, as opposed to, say, clearing brush on a vacation “ranch” bought with oil money attained with family connections. “People are looking for a presidential candidate who reminds them more of the guy they work with rather than the guy that laid them off,” he told Mr. Leno, in a nifty reminder of Mr. Romney’s corporate history as a Bush-style, Harvard-minted M.B.A.

It’s such populist Huckabee sentiments that are already driving the Republican empire to strike back. The party that has milked religious conservatives for votes for two decades is traumatized by the prospect that one of that ilk might actually become its standard-bearer. Especially if the candidate in question is a preacher who bashes Wall Street and hedge-fund managers and threatens to take a Christian attitude toward those too poor to benefit from the Bush tax cuts.

No wonder the long list of party mandarins eager to take down Mr. Huckabee includes Rush Limbaugh, Robert Novak, the Wall Street Journal editorial page and National Review. Dan Bartlett, the former close Bush adviser, has snickered at Mr. Huckabee’s presumably low-rent last name. Fred Barnes was reduced to incoherent babbling when a noticeably gloomy Fox News announced Mr. Huckabee’s victory Thursday night.

But if, as the new narrative has it, Mr. McCain will ride to the party’s rescue, the Republicans’ relief may be short-lived. He is their most experienced and principled horse, but he’s also the oldest and the most encumbered by Bush and Iraq baggage. The NBC News analyst Chuck Todd may be on to something when he half-jokingly suggested last week that there was a 5 percent chance that the G.O.P. may have to find a nominee not yet in the race.

I am getting SO sick of the endless clown parade that is the nominating process. At this point, I can't stand ANY of them except possibly John Edwards, and would vote for Al Gore in a green nanosecond.

I think Obama is a pandering sack of nothingness, and Hillary just seems desperate and clutching. They both blither on ceaselessly about the need for change, which is right on, but I haven't noticed either of them offering any actual, you know, IDEAS for change. It's just all blither. Smooth-talking blither in Barack's case, jangly blither in Hillary's.

I like Edwards the best of the Dems, which is saying very little, actually. But he's a rough, tough populist, and that's really what we could all use right about now.
The two Democrats with the most real experience (sorry, Hillary!) are Biden and Dodd, and they're out, which makes me cross.

As to the Repuglicans, they make me want to throw up. All over them, preferably. Rudy is a piece of slime, and we NYC'ers have always thought so. Romney and Huckabee are Darwin-deniers who then try to deny their denials, or at least try to make the denials seem plausible. Sounds like Darwinism in action to me, fellas! I look forward to your speedy extinction.

Did you know that Huckabee and Obama have a sum total of FOUR YEARS in office? Yes. And that could be either a very good thing or a very, very bad thing.


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