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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Now I Know Why the Devil Needs Sympathy

Run, do not walk, directly to this link

I am laughing much too hard to type effectively, but man, this is just too hysterically funny for words. Go check it out...

If the link doesn't work, because I'm, you know, of the Devil, Google patricia kennealy morrison and look for "Patricia (Kennealy) Morrison of the Doors Is A Wiccan Witch!". It's the fourth or fifth entry down.

With creepy stoopid Satanic music! And unauthorized-use pictures of me and one of Kathleen nekkid from the movie! Censored for indecency! Because bare tits are indecent! Like Jesus never drank from one! This is GREAT!!!

Oh, oh, oh! There's more! I grew up in a Satanic neighborhood of Long Island, just miles away from the Amityville Horror House! Well, no WONDER I grew up to be a witchy WITCH!!! who married a WITCHY!!! rock star who made the Devil's music! I was living in Satan's playground, who knew? It's all my parents' fault for moving us there. And think of all the other people who lived there, they're all WITCHES!!! too! Yes! They are!

And out-of-context quotes up the wazoo! I LOVE it! I feel honored and proud. And look at the WITCHY!!! company I'm in: we all reported to Brian Wilson, you know, all us rocknroll WITCHES!!! who love the devil music! You can hear it at the end of "God Only Knows" if you play it backward. Yes! You can!

I do wonder, though, why the white power, oops, Christian fundie jackholes are still calling rock and roll the Devil's music when they have Xtian "rock" all over the place. Because ours has balls and theirs does not, perhaps.

I haven't laughed like this in ages. Oh, and the rest of this wackadoodle's site is equally bonkers. I can't imagine Jesus enjoys having people of this degree of stupidity on his side...surely as a god he can do better?

Some people have suggested I should be concerned about this, or at least track this guy down through his ISP, but I really can't be bothered. Apparently this charming site gets bounced every so often, but the pinheaded little squirrel who runs it just starts it up again elsewhere. Perhaps when he escapes the confines of the psychiatric hospital he obviously inhabits.

Frankly, I'm flattered. Besides, he calls me a member of the Doors! Wow! Won't Ray and Robby and John be surprised! I played bass, in case you were wondering. Sometimes rhythm guitar. Much better than Linda McCartney. We could reunite and go on tour. At least I'd be a real Morrison, not like Ian Astbury.

Because I'm A WITCH!!! [/Monty Python voice]


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