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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth?

I see where Don Imus, that scone-faced, flour-complected, ratty-haired pimpmaggot, has been suspended from his radio show for two weeks for calling the women of the Rutgers University basketball team, on the air, “nappy-headed hos.” He should be fired for it, like the many equally disgusting individuals who have gone before him in the feculent ooze of public racial insults.

When I first heard about what he’d said (I do not listen to such nastiness), I honestly thought I had misheard. Who in their right mind and civilized senses would gratuitously insult, in such vicious language, a group of talented student athletes who had done nothing to provoke it?

What is WRONG with people like this? Apparently they have no censor ’twixt (alleged) brain and lip, to keep stuff like this from being seen by the world at large. It’s human, though not really okay, to think things like this, I have a feeling all of us do every now and again. But most of us know better than to let it out for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

So I-mess “apologizes”, three times no less, like Peter denying Jesus. But I get the clear sense he’s just sorry his usual nasty shtick blew up in his face this time, he’s not sorry he actually said what he said and probably even believes he’s being put upon unjustly.

I never understood the Imus love. He’s not funny. He’s never seemed particularly smart or sophisticated. He’s got no discernible talent except for verbally crapping on people when he thinks he can get away with it and sucking up to important ones when he can’t. What. A. Pig.

And then, and then, oh stop me laughing, pompadoured buffoon Al Sharpton comes into the room all blowharding and preening as the great arbiter of what is or is not a racial insult. Hey, Al, got two words for your community credibility: Tawana. Brawley. You’re a racial insult all by yourself.

And not forgetting the equally egregious Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson, who has stepped into the fray because, I dunno, he needs a publicity fix.

What interests me is why it is apparently okay for black people to use words about themselves, among themselves or out there for all to hear on rap “songs”, words that are derogatory and horrible, or words about white people, even, but white people can’t use those words because that’s “racial” or “white behavior”.

If black “artists” call black women bitches and hos in their “songs”, somehow that’s okay, because it’s all for the money, I guess. And if they then take it a step farther and physically or otherwise mistreat the bitches and hos, that’s okay too, because they have dehumanized their women just the way white slaveowners used to dehumanize black men. Those who will not learn from history…well, fo’ shizzle. (Am I using that correctly? Because I am white, you know...I'd hate to offend rappers.)

You can’t have it both ways, my friends. It’s either wrong for everyone or okay for everyone, though why anyone would want to soil their mouths and minds with muck like that is beyond me. If you want to call trash on yourself, fine, but then don’t be pissing and moaning when people use the trash words of you and continue to treat you like the trash you present yourself as.

Cleanness of speech isn’t “white” or any other color. It’s simply evolved-human-being.


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