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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Whole Food Goodness

Just when I thought I was done with Whole Foods (for their policy of bleeding-heart concern for the poor suffering lobsters of the world), they open a new store at Bowery and Houston and knock my socks off.

First, it is HUGE. You folks who live out where there’s actual space are well used to gigundo supermarkets (and I make you take me to visit them whenever I stay with you, just so I can envy and weep). Us’ns in Manhattan, not so much. Space is at a very expensive premium, and what largish ones do come available are immediately snapped up by freakin’ Duane Reade, freakin’ CVS or some damn bank. So supermarkets are a thing of wonder to us.

And this Whole Foods is beyond that. It’s sparkling, has a sort of gold aura to it, and goes for MILES. The veggie section looks like a jewel box, so pretty is the produce. And it’s got cases and cases of prepared meals, a BARBECUE STATION (for lunch I had bourbon pulled brisket and cornbread, enough for two meals, for a grand total of 6.28). There’s an Italian food station (‘cause I can’t stand the Indian and salad one up at Union Square WF), a pommes frites station making them fresh and hot, an enormous fish section and even more enormous fresh meat section, and oh so much else.

And it could be on my way home from the gym, if I walk south a couple blocks and then over to Second Avenue. Work out first, pig out later. Sounds both virtuous and perfect.

See, Wal-Mart? THIS is what New Yorkers want to come to dwell amongst us.


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