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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spam. A Lot.

Spam—the email sort—is, as we all agree, useless and vile. (Well, maybe the other sort too, though some of my Hawaiian friends claim otherwise.)

But as I have perused the volleys of spammers slam-a-jammin’ my gmail and lycos accounts, I have noticed how really creative and even euphonious are some of the names they choose to use.

Oh, not the stupid ones, like CXER239, or the porny ones. But the ones that try to make you think they come from real people whom you know. (Yeah, right…do they really think that anyone, at this late date, would actually OPEN these parcels of annoyance? Surely not! )

Anyway, I have found a use for these! I employ them as character names in the books I’m working on, and they fit surprisingly well. Not all of them, but really quite a lot. Seems fair.

Today’s crop of possibles:

Trevino Diaz
Jeffers Freeman
Cherie Sheridan
Estella Pace
Molly Maples

Don’t those sound like plausible 60s monikers? Yes, I think they do. And those are only the ones left in my inbox today. By the end of the week I’ll have ever so many more.

So keep your spammy spams coming, crazy people. Your faux nomenclature may be immortal yet.


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