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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Warrior Queen of Queens

Huzzay three times three for Queens resident Rose Morat, 101 years old! Attacked in the lobby of her own building (on my OWN BIRTHDAY! How DARE he!!) by a cowardly crapweasel in his 30’s, who punched her several times while she stood there on her walker and then shoved her to the floor, she fought him off the whole time for the paltry $32 he eventually got.

This pusillanimous piece of garbage then rode off on his little pink bicycle (how manly!), and half an hour later, similarly assaulted another elderly lady who uses a walker, 85-year-old Solange Elizée. Stole another 45 bucks and the wedding ring her late husband (whom she married over 60 years ago) had given her. Despicable and spineless.

On all the local news programs afterwards, well-spoken and fighting mad, Morat thundered that had she only been a few years younger, like in her 90’s, she’d have beat him up herself. Way to go, Miss Rose! You obviously have serious thorns. Not to mention serious stones.

I hope this gutless wonder rots in hell, AFTER the two ladies and their kin and friends and the rest of New York have been allowed to go at him with sharp pointy sticks. He has not yet been caught, unfortunately, but it’s only a matter of time. There was lots of footage from the lobby camera in the Morat attack, showing his face, and how many cowardly crapweasels riding around on pink bicycles can there be in Queens?

Police claim they have made progress. We’ll see.


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