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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Won't Get Tooled Again

Last night’s “Lost” episode. The biggest, stinkiest, steamingest slab of flaming poo I have ever seen on TV. I am officially Done with this pile of pig dung.

It is audience abuse of the vilest. Lies, cheats, stringings-along, con jobs…you name it, they did it to us last night. The “creators” and “writers” should not only hang their heads in shame but be flogged, keelhauled and towed behind a speedboat as a tasty reward for the shark the show has irretrievably jumped. A whale shark. A Carcharodon megalodon. A shark the size of all outdoors.

I LOVED this show. Now I just want to see it suffer and die. And its creators along with it.

That is all.


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