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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Natural Selection at Work

A local state senator has hopes of passing a bill prohibiting New Yorkers in large cities (which means NYC and Buffalo, apparently) from crossing the street or otherwise engaging with traffic while on cellphones, BlackBerries, iPods. Listening to music, talking on the phone or texting are all traffic hazards, he claims, and cites the death of two of his Brooklyn constituents as proof.

I doubt he’ll get the votes, mostly because politicians are too stupid to do two things at the same time anyway.

But I say if you’re stupid enough and oblivious enough not to notice the giant accordion bus (two-parters with hinges in the middle, if you haven’t seen any, twice as long as regular buses) bearing down on you, then you deserve to get puréed and taken out of the gene pool, hopefully before you’ve passed on your defective genes to offspring.

It’s all about personal responsibility, really it is. And Darwin will not be denied. Even by those who don’t believe him. Hey, especially them.


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