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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lost Its Place

Well, “Lost”, my onetime fave show, returned to the airwaves last night. And there was much rejoicing.
But there was much annoyance as well.

I think it is now beyond argument that the creators of this show haven’t got a CLUE what’s going on. They had all this romping geekboy fun for two and a half seasons putting forth weirdnesses like the Numbers, and the Polar Bears, and the Hatch Count-down, and the Others, and Dharma, and the countless pre-Island path-crossings of all the characters,and now they have run slap into the unpleasant truth that we the patient oh so very very patient viewers are demanding some goddamn answers. And they don’t have any! Because they just made it up as they went along! Oh, those crazy kids.

I predict we will see a boatload of retconning (retroactive continuity; means they change the present story in defiance of the backstory) in the immediate and distant future. Icebergs ahead!

Will I still watch? What are you, new?


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