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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One-Trick Phony

I lacked the strength to watch Chimp-in-Chief ventriloquize the State of the Union address last night (the parlous state of an unhappy Union). Indeed, I lack the strength to rave about it today. (Yes, even I get tired sometimes. But, like the hot spot that created the Hawaiian island chain, my personal Hot Spot of Rage is never in danger of cooling off.)

Still, I heard enough snippets and gorge-rising commentary to know that it's the same old, same old. And the "new" stuff he offered is never gonna happen. All of a sudden he's callling for the country to get off the oil tit? When it's the same tit he sucked on all the livelong day? His whole life? And now he means it? Yeah, right, pull the other one, it's got bells on.

What is WITH this moron? His generals and his country are telling him it DOESN'T WORK, it HASN"T WORKED and it WILL NOT WORK. It's as if he doesn't even hear it. He doesn't hear anything he doesn't want to hear. He moves to the tune of his own private humming buzzing fireworks-accompanied crack-brained march tune. Maybe he's ON crack. No, on second thought, even crackheads are more persuadable than Chimpy.

Though I did quite enjoy hearing him refer to the awesome Nancy as "Madam Speaker." Man! You know he almost swallowed his tongue in getting those two words out...

Also loved Murderers' Row...all those stone-faced implacable Democrats watching him ready to pounce. Oh, I hope good times are down the road. We haven't had anything nice and shiny for far too long.

IMPEACH THE CHIMP! Just 'cause I feel like saying it.


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