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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Oh, man, I was just WAITING for this to come, as it were, out: the loathsome Mark Foley's tearful admission through his spokesweasel that he'd been sexually abused as a youngster. And by...wait for it...a CLERGYMAN.

OhBWAHAHAHAHA! You know, I don't buy this sorry excuse for a HEARTBEAT. What could be better calculated, and I do mean calculated, to try to beat the ol' sympathy drum for the pigdog Foley? And a clergyman. Brilliant. Hopefully nobody except wackos and fellow pervs will rush to his side in defense.

Still, ya gotta admire the breathtaking audacity of the spin being put on could probably generate its own gravity well. Do they think we're idiots? That we'll just open our mouths and swallow whatever hook the current sweeps in, like stunned salmon? Why, yes, I guess they must.

Even if it's true, which I massively doubt, that's still no excuse for his behavior. Plenty of people, sadly, are molested and they have the backbone to say, "It stops here." And they stick to it. So no sympathy for this devil.


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