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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

La Cage au Foley

Man, just when you think you can lay off political rants for a while, put your feet up, have a nice nap in the sun and enjoy the lovely cool fall weather, along comes Foley the Unholy. Or should I say Aqualung? What a prime piece of crap. You have only to look at him to be revolted, really. Did you catch the clips of him weeping copiously all down his porcine face when he addressed the pages for a farewell speech? He was probably only crying because he wouldn’t have them around to violate anymore. It was all I could do to keep from throwing up.

And now we have the even more craptastic Matt Drudge laying slimetrails all across the landscape and showing off his weasel skills to all the world when he blames the KIDS for “egging [Foley] on.” Yeah, Sludge, you rancid piece of Repuglican meat, lay it on the victimized pages. You and your dark masters Bush and Rummy and Rove and Hastert. Who do not really make me want to throw up but rather do something more along the lines of a really selective Death Star.

Where’s the outrage from all the “family-protective” and Christian cabals on the Repug side, eh? Where be ye, O Pat Robertson and Billy Graham, you fucking whited sepulchers? You’re so into punishment for sins, why aren’t you loudly calling out to Jesus and asking him to chastise these vile slugs harshly? Why aren’t you putting the blame for this spiritual squalor squarely where it belongs?

As for the “media”: Fox Newswhores apparently had copies of Foley’s emails, but chose not to run them publicly, being the bought dogs that they are, and even the NYTimes seems strangely unoutraged. I am ashamed of my profession.

Oh, hey, another precinct heard from: Cardinal Mahoney presiding over a “Red Mass” in the City of Angels for member of local L.A. judiciaries and law enforcement. The hierarchy that covers up pedophilia among the priesthood offering up the holy sacrifice of the Mass, as they call it, for the people that are supposed to rule on this sort of thing in court and protect victims from it. How very, very cozy.

Bastards. I hope they all rot forever in the hell they claim to believe in. Jesus agrees with me. Yes! He told me so, you betcha.


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