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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Old Whory

That would refer not to our national flag, of course, but to the alleged lawmaking pimps who just tried to ram a flag-burning prohibition in Constitutional amendment form down our collective-electorate throats, and who were defeated by one vote, obviously from a hero.

WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU DONKEYS??? Are there no limits to your slimy pandering, your greasy opportunism disguised as patriotism, your constituent-butt-kissing of epic proportions? Have you nothing of greater importance to occupy what it pleases you to call your brains? Like oh, a WAR, and antiterror funding, and soldiers whose widows are being cheated out of their rightful payments, and getting this benighted land a national health plan, and all sorts of other stuff that apparently doesn't register on the scale of Need to Do. Freakin' gerbils.

Thank Jefferson and all other political deities for the following Senatorial spines:

Akaka, D-Hawaii
Bennett, R-Utah
Biden, D-Delaware
Bingaman, D-New Mexico
Boxer, D-California
Byrd, D-West Virginia
Cantwell, D-Washington
Carper, D-Delaware
Chafee, R-Rhode Island
Clinton, D-New York
Conrad, D-North Dakota
Dodd, D-Connecticut
Dorgan, D-North Dakota
Durbin, D-Illinois
Feingold, D-Wisconsin
Harkin, D-Iowa
Inouye, D-Hawaii
Jeffords, I-Vermont
Kennedy, D-Massachusetts
Kerry, D-Massachusetts
Kohl, D-Wisconsin
Lautenberg, D-New Jersey
Leahy, D-Vermont
Levin, D-Michigan
Lieberman, D-Connecticut
McConnell, R-Kentucky
Mikulski, D-Maryland
Murray, D-Washington
Obama, D-Illinois
Pryor, D-Arkansas
Reed, D-Rhode Island
Sarbanes, D-Maryland
Schumer, D-New York
Wyden, D-Oregon

Glad to know someone still has the guts to stand up to the hamsters. I just wish I could vote for you all. But that would kind of be like what Republicans do, wouldn't it.

And today I learn that far too many of the above commended Senators are giving support to state ordinances that would have the desired criminalization-of-free-speech-flagburning effect. You can't have it both ways, you little weasels! Either you allow it as free speech or you don't. Trying to hoist your flag and burn it too is cynical, manipulative, hypocritical and crass. So now I might not be voting for any of you. (Looking at YOU, Hillary and Chuck...)


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