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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Homeland Immaturity

This morning the Homeland Security department, under the "leadership" of the feckless Michael Chertoff, slashed New York City's anti-terrorist funding by 40%. The justification being, get this, that according to its "reviewers" New York has no national monuments or icons that need protecting, and lousy defense plans.

Yes. These moronic hicks actually don't believe that my hometown, a city that has been hit twice by Islamofascists and remains Number One in the crosshairs, has anything worth giving money to protect. They say so, right on page 4 of an 8-page testament to idiocy published by their own agency.

They do not consider the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, the U.N., the NY Stock Exchange, the Brooklyn Bridge, Shea and Yankee Stadiums, Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station, the Federal Reserve Bank (more gold than Fort Knox), the biggest public transportation system in the country...I could go on and on...they do not consider these to be worthy of protection. No, actually, they DO NOT CONSIDER THESE TO BE OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE. Not icons. Not national monuments.

And claiming our anti-terror personnel and programs are doing a poor job? Bollocks. They are superb, even with the money they get. ESPECIALLY with the money they get. Claiming they do otherwise is beyond preposterous. It borders on slander.

So where is the pork, er, funding going? Oh, let's just see. Omaha is getting a 38% increase. Jacksonville, Florida gets a 26% increase. Louisville, Kentucky, a 41% increase. Hotbeds of terror targeting, all of them. Top of Al Qaeda's list. Hit many times in the past. What? You don't remember? Silly forgetful you, then.

Michael Chertoff seems to be pissed and insulted because NYC's anti-terror squad and leaders dissed him, as he sees it, last year over an alert we wanted and he didn't. A weasely, weedy-looking individual, who apparently is as brainless and clueless and vengeful as the unelected president who appointed him, the pissant Chertoff needs to be sacked out of hand like an unsatisfactory servant, because that's EXACTLY what he is.

And the "reviewers" who are responsible for this? Utter morons. Cheeseheads from rural areas who've probably never even SEEN a big city. Listing NO national monuments and icons in NYC, first capital of this great though increasingly benighted nation? Finding only FOUR banking and finance businesses here worth more than $8 billion? (Mayor Bloomberg says there are more than 20, and he should know.) How many icons and billion-dollar businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, I wonder? Yet another city on the pork rolls for a bump in funding.

Can we take up a collection to buy these people a freakin' CLUE??? WHAT THE BLEEDING HELL IS THE MATTER WITH THEM??? That a full-brain transplant wouldn't cure, that is.

Beginning with Shrub the Grinning Chimp. If he DARES show his simian, simpering face here, capitalizing on our tragedy one more time, I want every single New Yorker out in the street protesting his presence in the strongest possible terms. They can't arrest us all. (Oooh, or CAN they? I smell gulag! I smell internment camps! I smell federal rat dung! I smell Republican fascist pigs! Well, I AM a child of the Sixties...)

No, it's all jealous payback. It's spiteful petty vengeance because Democratic, liberal, powerful New York City doesn't love the despicable Bush and didn't respect the puny Chertoff. No matter that they've done nothing, NOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHING, to merit our love and respect. They just waaaaaaant it. Waaaaaah. Well, too bad, you squalid contemptible creeps. You're not gonna get it until you do something to earn it.

I've been saying for YEARS that we should secede. I think the time is riper than ever for New York City, the Nation-State. Let's go for it, people! We have nothing to lose but a graceless nation that hates our guts and doesn't deserve us.

Heck of a job, Mikey? Mickey Mouse, actually...


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