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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lost In A Roamin' Wilderness...

Well, this is the first Wednesday without my best-beloved and yet also INCREDIBLY personally annoying "Lost"...withdrawal symptoms much?

I won't spill any big-time spoilers for those of you who might read this and might NOT be fans just yet and MAY be fans in future...but there will be a few, so be warned.

My GOODNESS but it was a fine season closer! Absolutely CRAMMED with incident...

I'm not sure if I'm pleased that the show has become such a superhit. Certainly it's waaaaay better than having it cancelled, but it seems that the writers are putting both themselves and us through some major and perhaps unnecessary hoops. I mean, a giant seaside stone statue of a leg below the knee---with ONLY FOUR TOES? Can we say "Ozymandias", boys and girls? Yes, I think we can. Look on his works, ye mighty, and despair!

And what gives with all the Odysseus imagery? Wandering Desmond, beaching his tempest-tossed craft on the magic island of voices (or Sirens); faithful Penelope at home, refusing all suitors; Cyclops = Pearl Hatch, giant one-eyed watching just goes on and on.

Which is fine by me. I love crazy literary subtexts, and this show is FULL of them, from the philosopher-named characters (Locke, Hume) to "Our Mutual Friend" to "Watership Down" (but Sawyer as Bigwig I'm just not buying...). Plus the writers "seem" to lose interest in things (where's Lostzilla the Monster?) from time to time, just wandering off the way Windows 2000 sometimes does.
But for the most part they're on the money, and they can still surprise the heck out of me. So I'll be watching repeats all summer long...and maybe I'll just have to buy TWO seasons worth of DVDs come the fall...


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