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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

A lovely and cold day, though we have no snow in town. Suburbs had a ton, but us? Zippo. So unfair.

I want to wish everyone a wondrous 2009, with health, prosperity and all manner of good things.

I don't really do resolutions, but this year I'd like to, in no particular order:

1. Get back to the gym on a regular basis; I've slacked off the last month.

2. Finish "A Hard Slay's Night: Murder at the Royal Albert Hall", so it can come out for Christmas.

3. Get the apartment tidied up. It looks like the goats got in...clothes and books everywhere. It's not dirty, just untidy. Massively untidy.

4. Hopefully get a full-time gig, or at least a regular part-time one, though I must admit the freelance editing is nice. Enough money to maintain me in comfort, lots and lots of free time to do my own stuff.

5. Clear out closets. Tons of stuff I could give to various charities. Also start deaccessioning my personal possessions: the acquisitiveness is pretty much over, now it's time to pass stuff on. Anybody want some swords? Real ones? (The Scottish broadsword with baldric and silver fittings is reserved for Jared...)

6. Install the new flat-screen HD TV. Or, pay someone professional to do it for me.

7. Buy a color laser printer. I've been using the funky local copy shop, to print stuff out; not that I print out much, but it would be nice to see stuff in the fonts in which I create it.

8. Buy a DVD/VHS player. (The old TV had one built right in, so now I need a separate one. Not that I use it all that much, but I do like to keep a tape in, so I can record little snippets of things I like when I see them. And then never watch the tapes again. But I have them!)

9. Meet Laird Hamilton. Which I just might, on January 7th: he's doing a signing in New Jersey, in the same town where my friends Andrew and Diana live, so we've planned an outing. Since Laird was responsible for getting me to the gym in the first place, I thanked him and his wife Gabrielle Reece in the "Ungrateful Dead" acknowledgments, so I want to give him a copy, hopefully. Also he's a big Doors fan.

10. Learn to cook some new stuff. Like Rennie, I can make about seven things, not counting idiot-proof fare like hot dogs and French toast and scrambled eggs. But I'd love to learn how to make some nice new things, perhaps seafood crepes and a really good boeuf bourguignon. Must be top of the stove, though: the oven has long since been turned over to storage.

I look at the long lists of inspiring tasks that people have set themselves, and I feel lazy and slothful and unchallenged. Then I lie down until those feelings pass, and they do, very quickly...and so it goes...


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