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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Well, I have no intention of letting Lying Bint-gate shut down my blogginess...and there's a lot to comment on.

First off, poor Owen Wilson. One hears he's had problems in the past with coke and smack, but it was thought to be under control. Then self-slaughter rears its ugly head. So sad.

Still, I thought, so unkindly, surely this is merely the much-spoken-of "cry for help." If you're a REAL man, or woman, you blow your brains out in a nice spatter pattern. You don't scratch one wrist and swallow a bottle of pills. That is a pretty sissy way to "off" yourself, which is why I say cry for help.

Plus, as my sister the psych professional tells me, if you really want to kill yourself by slitting your wrists, you climb into a warm bath like an ancient Roman (so you don't clot) and you slice UP your arm artery, not across.(There's a thought for you, Lying Bint!)

But Wilson amuses me and I like a lot of his work---by no means is he the stupid blond stoner he appears to be, he's really smart and really funny---so I wish the poor kid all health and healing.

Not so much this Michael Vick hyena. He cops to running a dog-fighting ring and killing dogs himself, with his own apelike hands, THEN (how long did we give it? Riiiiight...) he tells us he's found Jesus. Wow, in about fourteen and a half seconds. WAY faster than Paris, though we haven't yet seen him toting a Bible around. He's just scared of losing his nice NFL (football, I believe?) job. Hey, should have thought of that sooner.

I'm getting really sick of busted celebs throwing themselves on Jesus as a bid for our sympathy. (If Owen Wilson pulls a Jesus on us, I'll shoot him myself...) And if I'M sick of it, can you imagine how sick of it Jesus must be? Maybe Jesus has to forgive, but I sure don't.
I say throw this Vick piggy into a cage with all his abused pit bulls and let them have some fun.

And of course there's Albert Gonzalez. Rabid pit bulls should have hounded this lapdog loyalist from office, yes, and his apologist boss Chimpy McFlightsuit too. Still, two down. Alas, many MANY more to go. Including Lynn Cheney's Dick. There's a joke in there somewhere about being shotgunned when you least expect it, but I'm too tired to look for it...

But, GOOD news, the manuscript has been sent off to the young goddess nieceling of MDF Mary, Bianquita, who is going to Lulucize it. And Andrew continues to refine the jacket art. And so it begins...

So I have put away "Ungrateful Dead," because if I keep looking at it I'll only find more stuff I want to fiddle with. Next time I see it, it will be as a sample book from Lulu, for me to correct (minimally). And after that, I sign off and it's available a couple of days later.

POLL: WOULD YOU FUTURE READERS PREFER HARDCOVER OR TRADE PAPERBACK (each 6"x9")? I don't know what the prices would be, but I'm guessing $15-18 for tpb, maybe $22-25 for hc? I can and will arrange it so that the book can be bought either way, but which would you like first? Or is price the big consideration? Most hardcovers these days cost in the mid-$30 range, so mine would be a bargain. Let me know...

So now on to "California Screamin': Murder at Monterey Pop." The third one, in which Rennie meets Turk and lotsa people bite the dust, is already done: "Love Him Madly: Murder at the Whisky A Go-Go." And the one after that, "A Hard Slay's Night: Murder at the Royal Albert Hall", is about half-written. So we're looking good for the next two years.

And after that, the plan is for "The Beltane Queen." I got out all the research and written bits, and it's not half bad, if I do say so myself. After four Rennie books, I might be longing for something different. And then there's my Viking book, too.

I gotta sort this computer thing out once and for all, before I really get going...


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