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Monday, August 20, 2007

Before the Fall: Some Inconsequential Gibber

Two gorgeously cool days in a row. I went to the hairdresser yesterday for my usual monthly conditioning and could actually leave with my hair streaming loose down my back. Generally in summer it has to be pinned up and stuffed under a hat, because of Da Frizzies. BAD frizzies!

Saturday was sunny and cool and fabulously windy, and today is not windy and cloudy but still cool. No gym, on account of I don't want to sweat up my once-more shiny and STRAIGHT locks. And I didn't want to waste walkable days inside at the movies though I still want to see "Becoming Jane" and yes "Stardust" even though it got bad reviews because who listens to jackass reviewers considering what some of them say about MY creative works so there!

So I decided to stock the larder, and went to the Union Square Greenmarket and bought luscious things and then to Whole Foods and bought Packham pears, my faves, and some chocolate and meat and looked at the beauty/health products section, in which I never know what to buy but it all looks so preeeettttty...and then Barnes&Noble for some books, and the Strand, for some more, and East Village Cheese, for some wine cheddar (bourgeois, I know, but I got into it in college and I love it) and Irish cheddar and English Double Gloucester and some country pate.

Then I went home and continued correcting/proofing/revising "Ungrateful Dead," which will shortly have its completed and utterly fabulous cover and through the graces and awesome skills of MDF Mary's lovely niece Bianca will soon be flying off to Lulu. And after that, as a treat, I indulged myself writing a bit more about Rennie and Turk's wedding (not for many books, and oh come on you knew they would!) and figuring out the music for the ceremony on my iPod. You'll be surprised!

And now I must get back to UD:MatF so we can have a new book in November. Talk amongst yourselves...


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