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Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Mush from the Chimp

Lessee…over 3,000 dead, God knows how many wounded, thousands and thousands of troops being rotated like tires until they blow out from sheer exhaustion…and STILL IT DOESN’T WORK.

So…SEND MORE BODIES! Yes! That’s the ticket. Oh, sure, admit you made mistakes (you don’t really believe you did, and we know it, and you know we know it), but then go right on DOING THE SAME THING. Makes sense to me. Because it is Chimpy who is doing it.

He’s running out the clock. He’s made a nightmare mess of epic proportions, and he plans—insofar as he can be said to actually plan anything—to make sure it drags on long enough for the next President to have to clean up. He will do anything to avoid doing anything, because that is what he does. And two years from now, he will walk smugly away, the way he’s always walked away from the responsibilities he’s shirked and the jobs he’s botched in the past. Because that too is what he does.

In fact, it’s all he can do.

If the Iraqis don’t come through, he says finger-waggingly, they will have lost the faith of the American people. Well, Chimp Boy, they lost it long ago, and you yourself never had our faith to begin with. Except for the deluded and short-sighted morons who voted you in once (you stole the first one, thank you SO much, Supreme Court…), nobody with more than two brain cells to rub together ever thought for a nanosecond that you deserved something so precious as our national faith and trust. You had a chance last night to give us something more than your usual mush, and you blew it.


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