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Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is Jim's 63rd birthday. His natal day always gets overshadowed by John Lennon's death (not that I'm saying John died on December 8 on purpose...), so please be reminded to spare a thought and memory for Mr Mojo.

As a special treat, MDF Steve sent me this...

This is his and Mary's friend McCrea Adams, an L.A.-based performance artist and musician. I had heard this in an audio-only version several years ago, and laughed so hard I almost choked. Normally I'm dangerously and resolutely against Jimitations, but this is clever and funny and affectionate, and not a copycat ripoff. Wit makes all the difference, it really does. And the video is even better. It's the Christmas video the Doors never made….thanks, McCrea!

And on a more seriously loving note...I wrote this song for my fictional guitar god Turk Wayland, who wrote it as a gift for his wife, writer Rennie Stride. But I think it works here too, for a writer to write as a gift for her rock god husband…


Nothing ever came of wanting nothing
Take the time to work out what you need
You won't get what you don't know to ask for
There's no such thing as too much pride to plead

I knew from the start who I was seeking
Saw you and I knew you were the one
Told you and you didn't disbelieve me
Held you and you didn't try to run

Everything I was and ever wanted
Everything I am and may yet be
Everything I need and always longed for
You, my love, are everything to me

Charity's not part of love's equation
Every player gets a double turn
Receiving has to come ahead of asking
You have to teach before you both can learn

Never doubt that we're made for each other
Fate and time have been our dearest friends
Yesterday itself was once tomorrow
Tomorrow is today before it ends

So touch my hand and tell me that you love me
Let me know I've won enduringly
Promise that you'll always be beside me
Because you're more than everything to me


Riches of the earth
Things I owned from birth
Still I had no one to call my own
Then you came to me
Love's complicity
The gift you gave me sparkled and it shone

We'll live as though the world were as it should be
We'll show it how it can be all it dreams
Love will help it come to all it could be
Prove that nothing's ever what it seems

So sit by me and let me sing the ages
Tell our tale in mystic pageantry
Read between the notes and past the pages
Knowing you mean everything to me

Everything I own and yet have sought for
Everything I am and hope to be
Everything I've found and that I've fought for
You, my love, are all those things to me

Everything I was and ever wanted
Everything I am or may yet be
Everything I have and now am holding
You, my love, are everything to me

[out to fade]

© 2006 by Patricia Morrison for Lizard Queen Music


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