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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take It As It Comes

My friend Steve the rock critic sent me this. It's the doc that a team of Brits was filming back in December, I think it was; I may have mentioned it here.

It was probably the best interview anyone has ever gotten out of me on the subject. Because you're only as good as your interviewer, and this guy Tom was absolutely incredible. He kept on focus about Jim and his role in the Doors, in the world, and only then in my life; no gossipy crap here.

Questions nobody else has ever asked me: how I perceived (and reviewed) the band as a rock critic; how I felt about them as a personal-favorite act. Good stuff, and I think I gave good stuff back. We'll see.

Interesting that they're promoting me in this pr piece. Oh well, it'll just be something else for the haters to grab on to and take shots at me about...but know what? I DON'T CARE.

FINALLY, for once I got to talk about Jim as the amazing artist he was, in the context of his time and mine; what he meant to people, for good or for ill. That's not anything I've ever really been able to get into before, except in "Strange Days", and that was of course of necessity colored by the personal factor: the love and the grief and the wrath.

Here I got to talk about Jim as an artist-hero and also as a flawed, brave, tragic person, and hopefully it'll help make him real to a whole lot of people who persist in seeing him as some sort of icon. He hated icons.

I'll be interested to hear what the other critics have to say...Goldstein loved the Doors and gave them their first big publicity, but he kind of went off them toward the end, I think, more out of sorrow than anger. I don't remember if Christgau was a fan or not.

Anyway, something for you to maybe check out. I hope I can summon the strength to watch it myself. Oh, and I'm wearing a jewel Jim gave me, so that's something for the jewel porn fans among you...;)

From The Outside
Brand new documentary featuring those who knew the group and its members best

Available on DVD
July 14, 2009
Through MVD Visual

MVD Visual and Sexy Intellectual are pleased to announce the home viewing release of The Doors "From The Outside" for North American distribution on DVD.

This brand new documentary film tells the story of The Doors, not from the perspective of the surviving members - as has been told so many time before - but from the recollections, memories, stories and anecdotes of those who knew the group and its members best.

The panel is headed by a woman who was as close to Jim Morrison as anyone ever was; his widow Patricia Kennealy-Morrison. Patricia has rarely spoken on film about her relationship with Jim, or about her own memories of The Doors. This is a once in a lifetime contribution from someone who knew just about everything that went on.

Also interviewed is Billy James, the man who 'discovered' Jim Morrison and an early incarnation of The Doors. Billy signed them to their first deal with Columbia Records, and gained the trust and respect of the entire group. Here he tells-all about those very early days when The Doors were known only to a select few.

Richard Goldstein - editor of Village Voice and close friend of the band is on hand too with his anecdote - heavy version of events, as is Mark Benno, the legendary blues musician whose searing guitar graced the L.A. Woman album.

The very finest Rock journalists and writers, and those who lived through and were affected by The Doors' music as it was being released also contribute to this most original documentary film. In this regard, we are joined by Robert Christgau, Johnny Rogan, Dave DiMartino, Ritchie Unterberger, Doug Sundling, and Jim Morrison's biographer James Riordan.

The program is further enhanced by the rarest footage of the band in existence, classic live and studio musical performances, seldom seen photographs, news clips, location shots and much more.

EXTRA: "Conversation with The Lizard Queen" featurette, in which Patricia Morrison reveals her own views about Jim Morrison as an artist, a poet and a visionary.

Hi Res Cover Art

Sales Sheet

Selection #: SIDVD547
UPC: 823564517292
Street Date: July 14, 2009
Retail: 19.95
Run Time: 139 minutes


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